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Quinta do Ribeiro Santo is a core of Magnum Vinhos. The winery has a strong wine tourism component

Being enviromentaly concerned and respectful for the land, in 2014 Magnum Vinhos was awarded as The Best Farmer of the year by the Ministry of Agriculture of Portugal. Nowadays, the company is pursuing the sustainable growth strategy, respecting the land and wines and aiming to show an authentic sublime of every region where it has vineyards.

Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
Magnum Vinhos
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The story of Magnum - Carlos Lucas Vinhos started in 2011 at Quinta do Ribeiro Santo in Dão. Being enviromentally concerned and respectful for the land Carlos Lucas, the winemaker and CEO of Magnum Vinhos, in 2014 gained the award as the Best Farmer of the year distributed by the Ministry of Agriculture of Portugal

Quinta do Ribeiro Santo is situated in Oliveira do Conde, municipality of Carregal do Sal.


Oliveira do Conde was a headquarter of a very old and rich municipality. It had the charter of Dom Dinis in 1286 and a new charter of Dom Manuel in 1516. Counts of Sortelha had a seat there as well as counts from Vila Nova de Portimão and noblemen of Abrantes.


The cradle of ancient and honourable knighthood, prosperous and old splendour. Some remnants have come to our day giving us the opportunity to contemplate the pillory and The Parish Church which has the tomb of Fernão Mendes de Góis

Quinta Ribeiro Santo 0
Quinta do Ribeiro Santo

Quinta do Ribeiro Santo was an ancient property of a local priest. It was surrounded by a stream where water flowed all year round even during very dry years, so it was named "Quinta do Ribeiro Santo", which means "Holly River Estate"

It was purchased by the family of Carlos Lucas in 1994. He immediatly planted his own vineyard starting to bottle the wine with his name in 2000.


The vineyard consists of traditional grape varieties Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Tinto Cão and Encruzado planted in granitic and poor soil with rocky outcrops.


Quinta da Santa Maria 0
Quinta de Santa Maria

Quinta de Santa Maria has a magnificent view on the Serra da Estrela


The property of 10 ha in Cabanas de Viriato, a village of splendid charm which only small towns of Dão have. With houses made of rocks where the sun reflects and shine at dawn.


Quinta de Santa Maria is walled and has 18 years old vineyards. It has been abandoned during 5 years when Magnum Vinhos bought it


Douro 1

Douro is one of the regions where Magnum Vinhos has been present since the first vineyards in Casal de Loivos in Cima-Corgo. Here in Douro Magnum Vinhos bought a new property.


Douro was chosen by the company to assert itself. Thus a new property - Quinta das Herédias in Tabuaço was acquired. It is located on one of the hillsides of the river Távora near to Tedo. Here we make port wine and wines of different grape varieties

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In Alentejo Magnum Vinhos produce Maria Mora and Flor de Maio wines originated from vineyards with traditional grape varieties planted in plain, sandy soil. 

Trincadeira, Aragonez, Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon are planted in Mora

Vinhos Verdes 0
Vinhos Verdes

In the Vinhos Verdes region we have Quinta de Santana in Manhuncelos, Marco de Canavezes, in the sub region of Verdes between Tâmega and Douro.

Quinta de Santana has 20 ha of vineyards 3 ha of them are 12 years old vineyards. They are planted with such varieties as Avesso, Arinto e Azal that permit to produce fresh and young wines

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Old and new vineyards planted in shale soils permit take all the advantages of Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Franca, Tinta Francisca e Sousão. Viosinho, Códega, Malvasia-fina, Gouveio e Rabigato are the white grape varieties

The Dão region occupies almost all the Beira Alta region divided by the river that gives the name to this wine region. Vineyards with the altitude between 400 and 700 meters beneficate from mountains Caramulo, Montemuro, Buçaco e Estrela that protect vineyards from winds. The climate with cold and rainy winters and dry and hot summers is influenced by the Atlantic ocean.


In 1908 it became the second demarcated region in Portugal. It has 20 thousand ha of vineyards planted in shale and granite soil. The greatest treasure of the region is grape varieties. Combined they result in authentic wines. Light and elegant, full-bodied, with firm tannins, they reflect the identity of the region.


Ideal table wines that are getting better with time. They are marked by the place where they were made, with authentic grape varieties  and ancient taste

Wine experience

Magnum Vinhos offers a wide range of wine experiences 

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Wine Tasting

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