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Magnum – Carlos Lucas Vinhos was created in 2011 at Quinta do Ribeiro Santo, in the Dão region, where Baton wines from Douro later attached to

Being enviromentaly concerned and respectful for the land, in 2014 Magnum Vinhos was awarded as "The Best Farmer of the year" by the Ministry of Agriculture of Portugal. Nowadays, the company is pursuing the sustainable growth strategy, respecting the land and wines, and aiming to show the authentic sublime of every region where it has vineyards

Ribeiro Santo
Ribeiro Santo
Quinta das Herédias
Quinta das Herédias
Magnum Vinhos Team
Magnum Vinhos Team
The Winemaker

Carlos Lucas was born in Coimbra but has always been connected to the Dão region. A man of the land, a modern farmer, he has more than 25 years of experience in winemaking: Montpellier, Piemonte, Priorat, Vale de S. Francisco are just a few places where he put his hands on.

He was one of the first to bring the spotlight in the Dão region. In 2008 his work was distinguished as he was awarded "Best Winemaker" by the magazine Revista dos Vinhos. Carlos Lucas keeps his nose in the wines and his hands in the vineyards, creating inovative wines and updating the portfolio. 

The geography of Magnum extends to the Alentejo, Vinho Verde and Douro regions but the company will always stand stronger in Dão by recently acquiring Quinta de Santa Maria, in Cabanas de Viriato. Old vineyards with more than 20 years were planted on 10ha, with Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen grape varietes. The first wine, harvested in 2018 will be on the market in 2020.


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In 1995 his father bought Quinta do Ribeiro Santo in Carregal do Sal, renovated the house and replanted the vineyards where nowadays Carlos Lucas produces his signature wines from Dão. The first wine of Quinta do Ribeiro Santo was launched to the market in 2000.


People are the base for success.

The team of Magnum - Carlos Lucas Vinhos brings together experience and youth. All as one, with commitment and dedication to the project. Only that way it´s possible to allow the continuous and responsible growth of the company as well as creating a brand. Today more than one million bottles are produced and exported to more than 20 countries of the world.


Carlos Rodrigues 0
Carlos Rodrigues

Carlos Rodrigues is from the Bairrada region and has strong bonds with the land and wine culture


In 1990 he started his career as a winemaker learning with the renowned Eng. Mário Pato, who in 4 years passed on 60 years in winemaking experience to Carlos Rodrigues.


During his career Carlos Rodrigues has the oportunity to produce wines in different regions of the country with a particular focus on sparkling wines and spirits.


Carlos Rodrigues believes that the art of making wines is not static and that is why he has accompanied various winemaking studies. with investigation and development taking part in different pioneering scientific outbreaks in the most famous portuguese universities.


Bernardo Santos 0
Bernardo Santos

Bernardo was born in Leiria and moved to Coimbra at the age of 18. He studied at the Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra and earned a degree in Biological Agriculture.

During his studies he harvested in Bairrada and Douro and ended up working with Carlos Lucas after finishing his studies.


Since then he has dedicated himself to viticulture and oenology. The passion for wines came at a young age. This passion instilled by the family for being great wine lovers.


Bernardo is passionate about what he does and with great pride in Portuguese culture. He considers the cross-grape variety to be the best white variety in the country. This one that makes white wines of great quality and with great capacity for evolution in bottle.

Welcome to Magnum Vinhos.

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