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Magnum – Carlos Lucas Vinhos was created in 2011 at Quinta do Ribeiro Santo, in the Dão region, where Baton wines from Douro later attached to

Being enviromentaly concerned and respectful for the land, in 2014 Magnum Vinhos was awarded as "The Best Farmer of the year" by the Ministry of Agriculture of Portugal. Nowadays, the company is pursuing the sustainable growth strategy, respecting the land and wines, and aiming to show the authentic sublime of every region where it has vineyards

Magnum Vinhos Winery
Magnum Vinhos Winery
Magnum Vinhos Store
Magnum Vinhos Store
Magnum Vinhos Team
Magnum Vinhos Team
The Winemaker

Carlos Lucas was born in Coimbra but always has been connected to the Dão region. A man of the land, a modern farmer, he has more than 25 years of wine experience such as Montpellier, Piemonte, Priorat, Vale de S. Francisco and Portugal

He was one of the first thrusters of the Dão region. In 2008 his work was distinguished as he was awarded as "The Best Winemaker" by the magazine Revista dos Vinhos. Carlos Lucas keeps his nose in wines and his hands at the vineyards creating wine profile and designing the portfolio. 

The geography of Magnum Vinhos extends to the Alentejo, Verde and Douro regions but the company also stands firm in the Dão. Recently it has aquired Quinta de Santa Maria in Cabanas de Viriato. Old vineyards have more than 20 years and were planted on 10 ha with Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Alfrochero and Jaen grape varietes. The first wine harvested in 2018 will be on the market in 2020



In 1995 his father bought Quinta do Ribeiro Santo in Carregal do Sal, renovated the house and replanted the vineyards where nowadays Carlos Lucas produces his signature wines from the Dão. The first wine of Quinta do Ribeiro Santo was launched to the market in 2000

Major rise happend in 2000 when winemaking at Quinta de Sá e Quinta das Tecedeiras in Douro started. Shortly after in 2001 he immirsed himself in the new project at Quinta do Encontro in Bairrada.


Carlos Lucas bet on internalization making wines in Vale de São Francisco in Brasil, in Piemont, Italy and Priorat, Spain. He also added Herdade Monte Cal in Alentejo and Quinta do Gradil in Estremadura to his portfolio.


After a great success getting recognition and marking his presence and image in the world of wines he left the administration and enology in Global Wines (Dão Sul) in 2011. The same year Carlos Lucas created Magnum - Carlos Lucas Vinhos Lda adding Quinta da Alameda in Dão, Maria Mora in Alentejo and small project Baton in Douro.


Simultaneously Carlos Lucas also assumed projects of added value always prioratizing quality at the expense of quantity

And that is how Quinta das Tecedeiras in Douro, the project of Monteiro Family (Piorro - Douro) and Nuno Barata in Alentejo appeared. 


Along the years with his extensive curriculum as both administrator and winemaker Carlos Lucas has been seeing his work gaining merits. His company was marked as "Company of the Year in 2002", "Company of the Year in 2006" and "Enotourism of the Year in 2008". In 2008 he also was awarded as "Winemaker of the Year" in Portugal by the magazine Revista de Vinhos. He has been participating as the chairman of the jury of Challenge International du Vin in Bordeaux since 1997.

He was a member of the Marketing committee of Viniportugal and adviser of the Dão Board Commission.




He is a member of Enophile Brotherhood of the Bairrada region, Enophile Brotherhood of the Dão region and Brotherhood of Chanafana (traditional goat stew), confrere of merit of Gourmet Brotherhood of the Azores and commander of merit of Santo Urbano and São Vicente Brotherhoods

To these days Carlos Lucas continues to collect achievements and affirm his presence on the market with his distinctive wines of great quality. The process of creation is consistent as every year he brings new wines and concepts distinguishing every region of production. He got for sure an image of a winemaker with outstanding wines as Ribeiro Santo ET, Automatico and Ribeiro Santo Grande Escolha which perfectly define his concept


Carlos Rodrigues 0
Carlos Rodrigues

Carlos Rodrigues is from the Bairrada region and has strong bonds with the land and wine culture


In 1990 he started his career as a winemaker learning from renowned Eng. Mário Pato who in 4 years passed his 60 years winemaking experience to Carlos Rodrigues.


During his career Carlos Rodrigues has the oportunity to produce wines in different regions of the country with a particular focus on sparkling wines and spirits.


Carlos Rodrigues believes that the art of making wines is not static and that is why he has accompanied winemaking process with investigation and development taking part in different pioneering scientific studies in the most famous portuguese universities.


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Natalia Korycka

Nádia Rodrigues was born in Porto and has never had connections with wine. Partially yes, by her mother who worked with the classic wine producers of Douro and Porto when Nádia was still 6 years old. With her mouth sweetened by Port wine, Nádia has never seen more than a simple acquired taste, even if an early one. At the age of 18, after completing her studies in Science, she decides to pursue Philosophy at the University of Porto.

At the same time, she starts the so-called “summer break” by making wine promotions for Quinta do Noval to make the extra money. Since then the wine bug was born, and the taste for the vineyard began. She finishes her studies keeping the work with Quinta do Noval, which extends alongside the 3 years of her degree. She then completed studies in International Relations and then took a Specialization Course in Viticulture and Oenology. All this looking from afar at a world that was never yours, working around a passion that she never thought to be her own.


She worked at Niepoort before arriving at Carlos Lucas - she only worked at two companies before cementing herself at Magnum. It was at Niepoort that she discovered more about the wines of Dão and Bairrada, regions that she now considers the most imposing and charismatic in Portugal. From then on, an approach seemed inevitable, voluntary or not, towards the altitude of Dão or the acidity of Bairrada.


She believes that one can only know by doing - naturally, she always had a nose for it, but now she believes she is in the right place with the right people. A constant learning, with the humbleness of those who have not been connected to the vineyards since forever and with the intuition, will and creativity of those who want to know how to do more and better. Nádia believes that there cannot be two better masters of wines than Carlos Lucas and Carlos Rodrigues to teach her what Dão and all other regions of the country have to show the world.

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Bernardo Santos