Ribeiro Santo Automático White 2017 DOC Dão

Ribeiro Santo Automático White 2017


Winemaker's Notes
Limpid and transparente color. Delicate aromas with the notes of a lime, green apple and tropical fruit. On the palate it shows a fresh fruit and a mineral with a citric refreshing acidity.

Winemaker Carlos Lucas

The harvest took place in the second week of September. The grapes, exclusively grape variety Encruzado, were harvested by hand, into small boxes of 18kg, according to a careful selection of the best grapes in the vineyard. The grapes were only crushed without pressing, and only a must that had passed to the stainless steel vats where decanted at a low temperature for about 48 hours was used. The clear must fermented only with indigenous yeasts. It stayed in stainless steel vats until the time of bottling. All the process is run naturally without the human intervention and with insignificant production of the external products from grapes until the time of bottling.