Winemagnum came to life by the hand of people associated to the wine world for a long time. Although their different initial pathways, since 1996 the winemakers Carlos Lucas and Carlos Rodrigues have been making wines together in Dão and Bairrada Appellations where they started their careers.

History cannot be erased. And history associates this team to Dão Sul, one of the biggest wine companies in Portugal, where the winemaking was led by Carlos Lucas since the very beginning. The this team has produced whites, rosés, reds and sparkling wines from the most prestigious portuguese Appellations (Dão, Douro, Bairrada, Alentejo, Lisboa and Vinho Verde). From all the wines produced several brands stand out namely Quinta das Tecedeiras, Quinta do Encontro, Quinta de Cabriz and Casa de Santar. Besides making wines in Portugal they were responsible for projects in Brazil, in the well knowned company Rio Sol. There were 20 years of archievements and innovation.

In 2011 this team embrace a new project taking Quinta do Ribeiro Santo, a property owned by the winemaker Carlos Lucas in Dão Appellation and Baton wines in Douro Appellation they created Winemagnum. Adding later a property in Alentejo, in the village of Mora to their portefolio.

With the construction of a new winery in Dão and an increasing recognition of the wines in Portugal, in internacional markets and by the media the company archieved in 2014 the highest distintion for a agricultural project in Portugal, awarded by the portuguese Ministry of Agriculture.

The combination of the experience, knowledge and irreverence of these winemaker's is the base of this project, with roots in the Dão Appellation, but that also includes the productions of wines in the Alentejo and Douro.

With this project we intend to showcase the best of each of these regions trough wines that respect the terroir, tradition and Portuguese grape varieties.

Each bottle that we produce tells a story. Each wine itself reflects our passion, emotions and dedication that we put in its labour, so our signature is "Wine & People".